Message Design – a communications & marketing textbook

Message Design is the first modern textbook on the communications and marketing subject of how to strategically plan individual communications. It will get you started on the path towards personal mastery of the art of strategically designing communications, one message at a time. Understanding the fundamentals of message design is understanding the fundamentals of communication, and will help you not just in school and business, but in nearly all aspects of your life.

In this era of 140-character communications, our analysis of our target audience (namely, you) indicated that shorter, uniquely designed, more fun content would get a better response. And so this textbook is colorful, shorter and more uniquely designed. It's the culmination of our Message Design plan for you, delivering information about how you can communicate better in an easy-to-learn, even fun, format. 

Message Design includes:

  • What is message design, and why should you care?
  • A history of message design - and why it matters.
  • The Message Design Roadmap™, or how you can strategically plan all your messages to assure better communications.
  • The art of figuring out exactly what your message is.
  • How you can really know what your audience needs and wants.
  • The most important part of any goal, and how it applies to communications.
  • The definitive answer to the question: does the communication medium affect the message?
  • The world's first issue of a textbook delivered via Twitter.
  • The most important element of a story… that always gets results when done right.
  • How to bring all you've learned together.
  • Information on corporate message design, non-profit message design, political message design, crisis management and more
  • How to create your very own Message Design Roadmap, and how it may actually save your career (or your relationship) some day.
  • Includes worksheets, cheat sheets, and a binder designed to be used for years.
  • NEW! Second edition contains The Ultimate Message Design Reference Guide, with cheat sheets, notes for each chapter, a complete message design glossary, and more. 

Message design is an exciting, newly renovated Communications niche, which is helpful not just in Communications, but Business titles as well. Please grab your copy now, or contact us to get your university or class setup for this course.

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